Top 5 items in your management toolkit for managing it people


It might seem weird to emphasise it so much but indeed this is the first and most important tool you have to own to successfully manage a team. This doesn’t mean you can’t say something like ‘I cannot talk about this now’ but you need to be transparent and frank with your colleagues. Without this you can’t expect them to trust you.
On the same note I believe it belongs here you can’t avoid tough conversation because not having them is just borrowing time and the accumulated debt will eventually backfire on you and your team.


Even the most introvert nerds like to have some pat on the back. Not necessary in public but people need to be confirmed that their work is valuable, their contribution is noticed and it’s valuable. Nothing can ruin motivation better than feeling useless. Let them know how their work helped the company reached the success and you appreciate it.


Don’t treat your team members as children. They are intelligent, capable and productive individuals otherwise you wouldn’t have hired them. Trust them that they are doing their best for the team, for the company. And more importantly let them decide how to do it. Treat them as partners and not minions. After all their success is your success and you can’t succeed as a manager without them.


If you don’t know where you’re going you won’t reach anything. Have a vision and communicate it. Discuss with them the management’s decisions and let them think about themselves how you work together to realise those visions. Don’t lead them on the way getting them but guide them if they are getting off the track,


Accept failure! If you push your boundaries it’s inevitable that you will fail. Embrace failure and learn from it! If you always stay on the safe side because of the fear from failure you will never explore new territories, you will never reach your potential and you will know what you could have achieved. Failure is your friend if you learn how to make the best use of it.

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