Input type=”search”

HTML5 was a real big improvement in the webdevelopment. We don’t need ugly JS hacks anymore for the simplest stuff. We can use the built-in functions of the webbrowsers instead. Anybody who didn’t check the new tags and attributes what the new standard provides I highly recommend to do it. Why?

Let me show an example:

Input type=”search” )

Everybody who saw this new input type could read that this doesn’t provide any extra feature only give a little hint to the browser that the value typed in will be used for some kind of a search on the site. But that’s exactly why it’s interesting. The share of Google Chrome is increasing fast and in 2012 March it has became the most popular webbrowser ( ). So let’s have a look what it can do with our search box.

This is a piece from the source of :

This turns to a nice search box in the url bar in Google Chrome when you type “ “ ( and hit space).

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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