Solr benchmark – first blood

This is a quick impression about the freshly installed Solr 3.5 server.


The base system is a Amazon Microinstance equivalent virtual machine running on a HP Microserver. The VM has 600MB ram and 8GB HDD.

System info & benchmarks

Solr performance

Full index

The data backend was a Percona MySQL 5.5 server. The indexed database was a webshop with 42k+ items . The full reindex took in average 20-25 secs.

Quick Search

All of the searches finished under 50ms. As a matter of fact 90% of searches was under 30ms. This result was quite impressive. I knew Solr (Lucene) is quick but theoretically it should be slower on a fewer processor with one client. The true strength of Solr is multithreading and parallel processing even under heavy load with more concurrent clients.

Load test

Sawing that results I became curious. If simple query were so quick what would happen under a serious load. So I turned to ab (Apache Benchmark).

Simple query for two keyword. 30 results from 42k set. Apache benchmark results depending on concurrency level.

Concurrency Request Time taken (sec) Request/sec 95% (ms)
5 500 1,176 425,31 25
10 500 1,338 373,83 36
20 500 1,589 314,67 183
40 500 1,543 324,09 143
50 500 1,355 369,07 175
100 500 1,398 357,72 319

Conlcusion: even with 100 concurrent threads the 95% of request was served within 319 microseconds which is a very good result for searches even in big clustered systems. The 300+ requests/sec was amazing because this amount of traffic assumes at least 1M unique visitors and above 10M page impressions / day. If a site would be this popular the owner certainly would have the money for more than a micro instance on Amazon Web Services. But it’s good to know that this would be enough.

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