Python / Django test and benchmark


First initialize the mysql database from a previous dump as we did on the PERL virtual box.

Install the framework

Check for python version. And if needed install python setuptools. After it install django is very easy and can be done in 5 minutes.
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PHP / Symfony 1.2 with Propel test and benchmark


Initialize the mysql database from a previous dump as I did earlier.

Install PHP and Symfony 1.2

Unlike previous test subjects php doesn’t come with the default linux install. So first of all we need some php package. Because php doesn’t have such tool like … Continue reading

Memcache anomaly


We had a webserver running smoothly until extreme huge traffic appeared on the bond0 interface shown in cacti. The traffic was near the double of the loadbalancer’s in- and outbound traffic. The memcached was continuously rejecting new connections.


Memcache hit/miss ratio was almost perfect 99% / 1%. However … Continue reading

Solr benchmark – first blood

This is a quick impression about the freshly installed Solr 3.5 server.


The base system is a Amazon Microinstance equivalent virtual machine running on a HP Microserver. The VM has 600MB ram and 8GB HDD.

System info & benchmarks

Solr performance

Full index

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DevOps meeting – Continous Intergration

On February 20th Arkon Zrt. gave place for the current DevOps MeetUp. The subject was Continuous Integrations, Continuous Deployment and Release Management. I was the chosen one who can have presented the way we’re doing CI at Arkon Zrt. for and websites.

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Be agile or die tryin’

When I started the university we learned about Microsoft Project, waterfall modell, V-modell and RUP. But time’s changing. With the keyword agile there’s a lot of upcoming development methodology. Scrum and Kanban are getting more and more popular in software development circles.  The common problems about methodologies are that they have … Continue reading

Unindexed queries can be really expensive

The story happened with a webshop application running on Amazon EC2 microinstances. Actually on two instance. Amazon business model is basically simple, they ask money for only three things: Cpu time, IOPS and network traffic. Everybody (including me) thinks for the first time network traffic will be the bottleneck until … Continue reading