DevOps meeting – Continous Intergration

On February 20th Arkon Zrt. gave place for the current DevOps MeetUp. The subject was Continuous Integrations, Continuous Deployment and Release Management. I was the chosen one who can have presented the way we’re doing CI at Arkon Zrt. for and websites.

Both sites are heavily loaded. High availability is an essential requirement. Previous solutions had some drawbacks like pour integrity protection, non-atomic transactions, no concurrency handling, circuitous rollback and lack of code quality monitoring.

With Jenkins, ANT, PHP Depend, PHP MD, PHPUnit we made our build process stable, monitored and we can provide information about code quality changes commit by commit. With the custom made python framework code distribution is faster, safer and easier than previous solutions were. This framework makes test team sure of having an easy rollback possibility.