I'm out of many things mostly automation expert, database specialist, system engineer and software architect with passion towards data, searching it, analyze it, learn from it. I learn by experimenting and this blog is a result of these experiments and some other random thought I have time to time.

Memcache anomaly


We had a webserver running smoothly until extreme huge traffic appeared on the bond0 interface shown in cacti. The traffic was near the double of the loadbalancer’s in- and outbound traffic. The memcached was continuously rejecting new connections.


Memcache hit/miss ratio was almost perfect 99% / 1%. However … Continue reading

Solr benchmark – first blood

This is a quick impression about the freshly installed Solr 3.5 server.


The base system is a Amazon Microinstance equivalent virtual machine running on a HP Microserver. The VM has 600MB ram and 8GB HDD.

System info & benchmarks

Solr performance

Full index

The data backend … Continue reading

DevOps meeting – Continous Intergration

On February 20th Arkon Zrt. gave place for the current DevOps MeetUp. The subject was Continuous Integrations, Continuous Deployment and Release Management. I was the chosen one who can have presented the way we’re doing CI at Arkon Zrt. for ingtlan.com and koponyeg.hu websites.

Both … Continue reading

Be agile or die tryin’

When I started the university we learned about Microsoft Project, waterfall modell, V-modell and RUP. But time’s changing. With the keyword agile there’s a lot of upcoming development methodology. Scrum and Kanban are getting more and more popular in software development circles.  The common problems about methodologies are that they have … Continue reading

Unindexed queries can be really expensive

The story happened with a webshop application running on Amazon EC2 microinstances. Actually on two instance. Amazon business model is basically simple, they ask money for only three things: Cpu time, IOPS and network traffic. Everybody (including me) thinks for the first time network traffic will be the bottleneck until … Continue reading